Concern for The Environment – Ship It The SmartWay

ELITeXPO has been a proud logistics partner in the EPA’s SmartWay Transport Program for many years now. The program works to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution created by freight transportation in the global supply chain. SmartWay helps companies improve efficiency by measuring, benchmarking, and streamlining operations.

They work with companies to be sure that vehicles are best equipped to maximize fuel efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. This is done through both funding and technical assistance. By doing so, the program and their 3,000 partner companies, have saved over $24.9 billion dollars in fuel costs, saved 170.3 million barrels of oil, reduced 72.8 million metric tons of CO2, reduced 1.458 million tons of NOx, and reduced particulate matter by 72,000 tons!

As a SmartWay Logistics Partner, ELITeXPO incorporates EPA best practices and uses as many SmartWay certified carriers and agent partners as possible. This allows us to be sure that our customers’ shipments have the least environmental impact possible during transit to and from each trade show. Annually, we submit a carbon accounting tool to the EPA to report the carbon ton miles that we are responsible for. This data is used as a benchmark to set goals for future improvement. We also incorporate many of the EPA’s suggested Things You Can Do: At the Office. We have recently retrofitted lighting in our corporate office and are in the process of an LED retrofit for our Aurora, Illinois facility. We have 35% of our staff working from home, control energy usage by office equipment through power management, and have an active recycling program for both office supplies and paper as well as electronic recycling and exhibit component recycling.

Next time you are looking for a car you can look to SmartWay’s to find a car that has their SmartWay Certification. It designates the 20% lowest-emitting passenger vehicles in each class based on greenhouse gas and smog-forming emissions. Check out the list of certified vehicles at The guide also offers helpful tips and suggestions for the driving public on how to cut down on driving expenses by saving fuel.

SmartWay has expanded its reach and a North American collaboration is now in place with Mexico and Canada adopting SmartWay tools and methods. They are working globally with partners from South America to Europe to expand their programs to use SmartWay methodology.

Growing public concern and the increasingly damaging effects of climate change, unstable energy costs and globalization will continue to significantly affect the transportation industry. EPA and its SmartWay partners are committed to meeting the challenges and seizing opportunities that the future holds. Working together through SmartWay, we will succeed in developing a more sustainable and high-performing freight sector.

Shippers and logistics providers alike can participate in the program. Even non-profit groups can do their part as a SmartWay Affiliate. Go to for more information.