Loss or Damage, Are You Insured?

Most exhibitors don’t realize that their items may not have the proper insurance when they leave their office or storage location. Although the best way to avoid loss and/or damage is to make sure each piece in a shipment is properly labeled and packed in a suitable protected shipping case, those factors alone cannot protect from the hazards of trade show handling or freight transportation.

Most carriers carry minimum liability which is solely relative to anything that happens in transportation and documented in writing. However, this liability is not based on the actual value of the goods but a release valuation solely based on weight. For example the minimum liability of $.50 per lb or $50.00 per piece will not cover a 300 lb booth shipment valued at $5000.00 for more than $150.00 if the entire shipment was lost or damaged in transportation. In addition to this, a carrier’s liability does not cover anything that may happen after it is delivered or before it is picked up from a show where most occurrences are likely to happen.

Those who research their company insurance policy will often find they either have an extremely high deductible and/or exclusions that make it difficult to file a claim without exhausting multiple subrogation attempts. In an effort to supply exhibitors with an affordable low deductible policy that extends beyond delivery and on the show floor, ELITeXPO has a unique All-Risk policy available for each shipment based on it’s actual replacement value. All-Risk does not change how your shipments are handled, but it does give you the coverage every exhibitor needs to have while at and shipping to/from a trade show. For more information about proper coverage please ask your ELITeXPO representative.