Install and Dismantle


ELITeXPO can handle the I&D of your exhibit as well as handle all necessary labor supervision.

You can now book your installation and dismantle services at the same time you set up your trade show shipping. ELITeXPO has made installation and dismantle services available to our trade show shipping customers. This allows for a “one stop” approach to handling your exhibit. You just have to call ELITeXPO and we’ll be able to get your exhibit to the trade show and handle your booth installation services before the event as well as dismantle and return of your exhibit materials after the show.


  • Accountable Installation & Dismantling Labor
  • Trained & Qualified Local/Traveling Lead Installers
  • Extensive Pre Show Planning and Management Support
  • Runner Services for specialty items
  • Estimates for all projects
  • Consistent Personnel

Required Additional Labor: I & D Supervision –  Unless an exhibitor is present in the booth during the process of Installation and Dismantle, an I & D  Supervisor is required in the booth for liability reasons, to take responsibility should a problem arise, fix any issues, or to simply sign in and out the labor time sheet.