We provide a wide range of specialized trade show services. We have specific programs designed to enhance and simplify the tradeshow experience for our customers.


Pickup of your booth materials with delivery to the show venue and return back to your facility. Trade show to trade show shipping services are available as well. We provide exhibit shipping for both domestic U.S. and international tradeshows and events.


Our Show Management Program was established to increase individual Show Management companies service offerings through an expedited transportation component and to create a residual bottom line benefit through a strategic partnership with ELITeXPO. We can also provide attendee bag stuffing as an available service for our show management clients.


ELITeXPO warehouses booth materials from small cartons to over-sized crates. Both rack and floor storage locations are available for exhibit properties. Short term and long term storage is available. Complete exhibit management services are available including on-line access to current inventory via ExhibitForce.


We can ship your tradeshow materials via exclusive-use air-ride trailers, straight trucks, or vans with available lift gates, pad & blanket wrap, and load bars. Coast to Coast service within the contiguous 48 states as well as trans-border service to and from Canada. We don’t shy away from specialized equipment moves either and have experience moving cars and prototype vehicles.


When you purchase All-Risk Cargo Insurance, you know that the broadest form of coverage will be in place. The cost of replacing an exhibit can exceed the yearly trade show budget for many companies. Purchasing insurance protects your investment and brings peace of mind. Plasma Monitor Insurance can also be purchased in addition to Cargo Insurance. If insurance is purchased on both the shipment into an event and the shipment out of that event, the insurance extends to coverage while on the showfloor!


ELITeXPO has Installation and Dismantle Services available for our trade show shipping customers. This allows for a “one stop” approach to handling your exhibit. You just have to call ELITeXPO and we will be able to get your exhibit to the trade show, handle your booth installation before the event as well as the dismantle and return shipping of your exhibit materials after the show.

ELITeXPO currently does not ship hazardous materials. If you have any question as to your shipment containing hazmat, contact us immediately.


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